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Scuba Diving Koh Lanta

Ocean Divers is a friendly, professional dive centre located on beautiful Koh Lanta, offering some of the best scuba diving in Thailand. We have easy access to some of the best diving in the Andaman Sea. The water is warm, clear and home to some stunning wildlife. For those about to take their first breaths underwater or certified divers looking to improve their skills we offer the full range of PADI recreational dive courses. All of our instructors are fully qualified professionals.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us by email.

Run by Divers for Divers

The great thing about diving is that there is always something to learn or something to improve, be it reducing your air consumption or getting your trim just right.We apply the same philosophy to our business. By listening to you, the customer, we willalways try to improve what we do and how we do it. There are many dive centres that will tell you that they are the best, at Ocean Divers we are not quite that complacent. We want to be the best, and will continually strive to get there.

No one enjoys diving in big groups. It’s no fun for the customer and it’s a lot of work for us too. That’s why at Ocean Divers we limit the group sizes; 4 customers to 1 staff member. Whether you are learning to dive or going on a fun dive you will be in a small group ensuring that you have lots of attention from your dive professional.

Protecting the Environment

It is common knowledge that coral reefs around the world are declining. At Ocean Divers we are always looking at what we do and how we can minimize our impact on the underwater environment that we love so much. We follow the guidelines set down by Project Aware, PADI’s environmental arm.

We ask all of our divers to follow some simple rules, the most important of which is a strict “no touch” policy. We don’t stroke the lionfish, pull a leopard shark’s tail and turtles are not underwater sea scooters! For more information about simple steps we can all follow to help protect the fragile marine eco-system please read the Project Aware website.

Ocean Divers - PADI Dive Centre.  Scuba Diving Koh Lanta ThailandAnother huge impact on our seas is the proliferation of shark finning operations worldwide. Please help these beautiful and amazing creatures by boycotting any restaurant or shop that serves shark fin soup or other shark fin products and support conservation and protection efforts. For more info check out Shark Guardian a non-profit organization for shark conservation reaching international schools and national environmental conferences worldwide.

There are many things we can do to help conserve the marine environment. By simply doing our bit in terms of recycling we can make a difference. When you go shopping in Thailand the locals will try to give you a plastic bag with everything, if you do not need the bag then please do not take it. A plastic bag floating mid-water looks like a jellyfish, which happen to be a turtles favourite snack. If a turtle does eat a bag the results are usually fatal!


Trusting the equipment you are using is very important. All of our staff can tell you tales about being given frayed BCDs that do not stay inflated or regulators with a steady stream of bubbles coming out of places that bubbles shouldn’t be coming out of! It does not exactly inspire confidence. This is why Ocean Divers has invested in good, brand name equipment.

All of our rental equipment is supplied by Aquamaster, one of the leading companies in the dive industry. The equipment is simple, rugged and reliable. We have two manufacturer trained technicians who routinely service the equipment to ensure that there are no problems on your dive.

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